Charlie Megira – Dynamite Rock

Israel, 2003

Written, Edited and Directed by Oren Shai
Cinematographer… Uri Mohilever
Assistant Director… Arnon Moskowitz
Production Designer… Koranit Stoler
Production Manager… Itai Keshet
AC, Gaffers…Alon Shai, Or Burstein
The Band… Charlie Megira, Michal Kahan, Francisco.
With…Maria, Johnson, Ron Levy, Ellen, Oded, Noam Amir, Noam Sela, Michal Shalev, Sivan, Eyal, Boaz, Maya, Nicola, Michal, Liza, Eyal Shifron.

Song written and performed by Charlie Megira.

The beach gang gathers around Charlie and the band for a live performance of their latest hit ‘Dynamite Rock’. The bikers, led by a vicious klutz, are not going to let this event pass uninterrupted. It’s the 1960’s all over again, Israeli style.

‘Dynamite Rock’ on YouTube